Is It Really Possible to Live Life Completely Sober?

Alcoholics should completely abstain from drinking in their recovery process. Heavy drinkers may participate in controlled and supervised drinking as part of a harm reduction approach. Living sober can bring about positive changes in relationships, career, health, and overall happiness.

Why is it important to be sober minded?

Sober-mindedness, according to Peter, means living with a single-minded focus. What is that focus? “Being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” It means this; sober-mindedness is living with eternity in view.

This audiobook is a spiritual resource with practical applications to fit our daily lives. Some people who don’t drink alcohol have made a conscious decision to eliminate alcohol from their lives, sometimes through the help of a 12-step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Taking the time to identify people and things that matter to you can help you determine why you want to get and remain sober. For example, suppose you’re passionate about your family, friends, faith group or the work you do in school or on the job. Or perhaps, you want to give back or contribute any talents, gifts and abilities you have to your community.

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Be good to your partner and be respectful, as this will reflect back on your level of happiness. Another 26% of people who are homeless are addicted to other substances. Direct health problems are not the only health problems caused by substances.

It’s about making healthy choices and creating a support network of family and friends. When people drink or use drugs, it frequently starts as a way to deal with hardships but becomes a primary coping mechanism. Things that happen in life may feel as if they’re too difficult to deal with without the effects of a substance. People may want to feel numb so they can overlook the bad things in their life.

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You’ll feel better, but you’ll also sleep better and eat better,” said Opland. For example, if you know that you are more likely to succumb to drinking when you are stressed, Selecting the Most Suitable Sober House for Addiction Recovery you can plan ahead to avoid these situations. You can also find healthy alternatives to drinking for stress relief, such as going for a run or enjoying a warm cup of tea.

  • Part of living a sober life is establishing healthy boundaries and understanding the negative or positive impact of the people and things you choose to surround yourself with.
  • Brand speaks to those suffering along the full spectrum of addiction – from drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar addictions to addictions to work, stress, bad relationships, digital media, and fame.
  • Through these programs, we include life skills classes, relapse prevention techniques, and other treatments to help those in sobriety find joy and purpose in life.

But many people have found ways to not only get sober but enjoy life without a drink or drug. Many people start to rediscover hobbies and activities they used to enjoy before drugs and alcohol took over their lives. They start to exercise, play sports, take up painting or singing, and attend concerts. Wherever you find companionship away from harmful substances can be a source of support. It is a critical step in the recovery process to maintain relationships with people, even when they may disagree with you or get on your nerves.

Is It Really Possible to Live Life Completely Sober?

That is why many clinics offer family therapy as well as couples therapy. When you’re under the influence, it’s all too easy to give in to cravings for something greasy, sweet, or salty. You have fewer cravings, and you’re not surrounded by temptations like bar food. Helping others helps you get your mind off your own problems, It helps instill gratitude.

live a sober life

Although the media may make getting drunk and using drugs seem appealing and fun, the effects of abusing substances are not. Hangovers are not fun, throwing up is not fun, embarrassing yourself is not fun, getting withdrawal symptoms due to drug dependency is far from fun, and suffering from addiction to drugs is insufferable. Having a strong support system is essential when overcoming drug addiction and seeking sobriety. A support system can provide comfort and guidance as you go through the recovery process.


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